Unexpected ways to Ease Endometriosis Pain

Unexpected ways to Ease Endometriosis Pain wallpaper

Unexpected ways to Ease Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis is a painful disorder of women. In this disorder, some tissues of the uterus inside lining start growing outside. It usually causes so much pain can have severe effects on the body. Endometriosis can cause severe fertility problems if it is not treated in the early stages. In this article, we will guide you about some unexpected ways to ease Endometriosis Pain. These unexpected ways or methods can be really helpful in relieving pain by controlling or removing the inflammation of tissues and relaxing the muscles.

Unexpected ways to Ease Endometriosis Pain

Heat Therapy:

Providing heat therapy to your lower abdomen often helps to ease Endometriosis pain. You can provide heat to the lower abdomen in different ways such as taking a warm or placing a hot pad. You can also use a hot water bottle for this purpose also. Heat therapy will help you in relaxing cramping pelvic muscles which results in pain reduction. Different studies have shown that heat therapy can be really helpful in easing endometriosis pain. Heating is also very helpful in painful periods. Researchers have found that a low-level heating pad was as effective as Ibuprofen for easing endometriosis pain. Pads are easily available and not very much expensive but still if you want to go free of cost then taking bath with hot water is the best option.

Pelvic Massage:

Pelvic tissues and muscles are the main targets of Endometriosis. If you want to ease your Endometriosis pain, you have to do something for the relaxation of your pelvic muscles. Pelvic massage has been found to be very successful in easing the pain in Endometriosis. The pelvic massage usually includes the massage of the pelvic area, some parts of the abdomen, and some parts of the back and front side of the body. Pelvic Massage is very helpful in reducing the menstrual pain associated with the Endometriosis disorder. Taking pelvic massage before the menstrual periods is more helpful than taking it afterward. You can use ordinary massage oil for Pelvic massage.

OTC Pain Relievers:

OTC Pain Relievers are actually Over-the-counter pain reliever medicines. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are the best examples of OTC Pain Relievers. These medicines are really helpful in fighting inflammation. As you know inflammation is sometimes that major cause of pain, reducing inflammation will often relieve the pain. The OTC pain relievers are drugs and they should be taken according to the instructions of your physicians. Your physician will tell you the best dose of these medicines which you should take. OTC Pain Reliever method is a somewhat expensive way to ease Endometriosis pain.


Turmeric is present in almost all homes for a long time. Many people don’t know that turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect. As we have discussed earlier that reducing inflammation can reduce pain, turmeric is the best and cheap way of easing endometriosis pain. Researches in 2013 have shown that turmeric can inhibit the production of estradiol (a form of estrogen). The inhibition of estradiol can reduce the growth of tissues of endometriosis.

If you are unable to find turmeric around you, don’t worry many turmeric supplements are available in the market. Again, you should consult with your family doctor before using them.

By bringing changes in diet:

Doctors have concluded that many diseases can be cured by merely changing the diet. This thing is also applicable in the case of Endometriosis pain. Altering the diet can reduce the symptoms of Endometriosis. Doctors have recommended that you should decrease the consumption of red meat in your diet and start eating more fruits and vegetables to avoid Endometriosis. The whole grains are also helpful for this purpose. Whole grains have also an ability to improve your overall health.

Some nutritionists have recommended an elimination diet in which that food is in a very low amount which can cause inflammation. The foods which can cause inflammation are,

  • Dairy products such as milk and butter
  • Gluten
  • Processed and stored foods
  • Large amount of sugars

You can handle Endometriosis by avoiding using the above given inflammation-causing foods.


Exercise is the best way of preventing many diseases. In the case of Endometriosis pain, light exercise can be really helpful. According to medical researches, regular exercise is very helpful in releasing endorphins. Endorphins are “feel good” hormones and you will start feeling better in Endometriosis pain. Light exercise may help in lowering down of estrogen level in your body which is also the best way of reducing pain.

Taking Rest:

Rest is the best way of avoiding Endometriosis during menstruation. Rest will keep your muscles relax and you will not feel any kind of inflammation. There is a proper method of resting during menstruation, lay on the side with knees pulled into your chest. This way of resting will surely help you in overcoming the endometriosis pain and pressure on your backside.

Herbal Supplements:

Some herbs are very useful in reducing endometriosis pain and controlling the symptoms also. There is a very little research has been done on the herbal supplement, that is why doctor consultation is very necessary before using them. Some of the herbs can be life-threatening so proper care should be taken.

All the above ways to ease endometriosis pain, are very easy to follow and not very much expensive. But we strongly recommend that you should go to your doctor regularly for a periodic checkup. It will be a really good thing because precaution is best than treatment.

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